Deep dish pan pizza with sausage and tomatoes

Deep dish pizza
Deep dish pan pizza with sausage and tomatoes

Over the past several weeks, Michael and I have been working on improving our homemade pizza — and this deep dish pan pizza was our first project. After several iterations, we’ve come up with a go-to method and picked out our favorite ingredients. Like Papa John’s says: “Better ingredients, better pizza.”

One of the keys to getting a delicious, crispy crust is to use non-stick, 9-inch cake pans to bake the pizza. Also, we’ve found that buttering the pan and using butter in the pizza dough both give the crust a great flavor.

We chose sausage and diced tomatoes as our toppings, based on our favorite pizza from The Italian Pie Shoppe in St. Paul, and it was delicious. If you do want to change the toppings, however, I would recommend sticking with a 1 meat-1 veggie combination so you don’t overwhelm the pizza.

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10-minute teriyaki chicken

10-minute teriyaki chicken
10-minute teriyaki chicken (served with broccoli and rice)

If you live in or have visited the Pacific Northwest, you’ve probably noticed that there are “teriyaki stops” in pretty much every town. Unfortunately, they’re not very common here in the Twin Cities.

Fortunately, it’s easy to make your own teriyaki chicken at home. The first key is to use chicken thighs, so you don’t end up with dry chicken. The second is to brown the chicken for extra flavor, and the third is to use a good teriyaki sauce. Follow those steps and you’ll have delicious teriyaki chicken in under 10 minutes. Enjoy!

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Ground turkey sriracha sliders

Sriracha sliders with rosemary sweet potato fries
Ground turkey sriracha sliders (served with sweet potato fries)

Since we’re watching the Vikings vs. Packers game this afternoon, I thought it would be appropriate to share our go-to football gameday dinner — ground turkey sriracha sliders with sweet potato fries.

These sliders were inspired by one of the new foods at this year’s Minnesota state fair. Although we didn’t try them at the fair, Michael enjoyed a version at work, and we decided they would be good enough to make our own.

I like to bake the sliders in the oven, which works great — they cook evenly, don’t dry out, and it would be easy to scale up for a crowd.  They’re great paired with sweet potato fries, which are one of our Trader Joe’s favorites.

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