Vegan dinner rolls that don’t taste vegan

Vegan dinner rolls that don't taste vegan

These rolls are actually based on the same recipe as our crescent rolls — but with a few simple modifications. We didn’t have any eggs in the fridge, so I used a simple “flax egg” substitute. Once I used soy milk and Smart Balance (a vegan buttery spread), the vegan transformation was complete. The best part? They don’t even taste vegan, so you’ll never know the difference.

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Maple-glazed pumpkin cinnamon rolls

Maple-glazed pumpkin cinnamon rolls

This past weekend, I got into the Thanksgiving spirit a little early and made these yummy pumpkin cinnamon rolls. Like all cinnamon roll recipes, the most time-consuming part is waiting for the dough to rise. And in this recipe, that time is definitely worth it. The pumpkin in the dough gives the rolls both a beautiful golden color and a fall flavor. Together with a cinnamon-sugar filling and a wonderful maple cream cheese glaze, they are a delicious fall treat!

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Crescent rolls filled with Nutella, corned beef, and other goodies

Crescent rolls filled with Nutella, corned beef, and other goodies

Crescent rolls are the quick and delicious alternative to croissants. They’re easy and relatively quick to make — I’ve made them twice in the past week. They’re also perfect for special occasions. Michael’s family regularly makes then for holiday dinners.

I first made these crescent rolls last Thursday for Michael’s birthday. They were delicious, so I made them again this past weekend — and decided to try filling the rolls with goodies such as Nutella, corned beef, cheese, herbs, and even maple syrup. Filling the rolls doesn’t add much time to the preparation, but it makes the crescent rolls even more delicious and impressive-looking.

Our favorite fillings were corned beef and cheese, and Nutella. The corned beef and cheese-filled rolls would make an excellent picnic or fishing snack. Additionally, the Nutella-filled rolls would be great for breakfast or dessert, especially with a cup of tea or coffee. But don’t limit yourself to the fillings we tried — try your own combination and let us know how it turns out!

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