Vietnamese beef and rice noodles

Vietnamese beef and rice noodles
Vietnamese beef and rice noodles

I made this Vietnamese beef and rice noodle stir fry for dinner tonight, and it was absolutely delicious! Michael and I went to United Noodles in Minneapolis this afternoon and stocked up on some groceries that we can’t easily find, along with some of the ingredients for this dish.

Although the ingredient list looks a little long, this dish actually comes together quickly. One of the keys to this dish is the paper-thin sliced beef (you could also use pork), because it cooks extremely quickly and has a lot of surface area for the sauce to coat it. If you’re slicing your own meat, using slightly frozen/thawed beef will help you to cut thinner slices. I like to use “fancier” mushrooms (like enoki, bunapi, or oyster) if I have them, but otherwise, my go-to are sliced brown “baby bella” mushrooms.

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Chilled Vietnamese noodle salad

Vietnamese noodle salad

It was hot and humid here in the twin cities today, so by the time we were thinking about making dinner, we knew we wanted something cold and refreshing. Michael suggested that we make a Vietnamese noodle salad similar to one that he tried at Bona last week. I checked out their menu online, and they describe the salad as follows:

Bún thit bò nướng: Barbecued beef spiced with lemon grass served with rice noodle, bean sprout, lettuce, cuumber, carrot, and peanut.

Though we didn’t have all of the ingredients to copy the dish, we made our own simple version of this delicious salad, and it was perfect for a hot summer evening.

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