Build-your-own homemade sub sandwiches

Build-your-own sub sandwiches
Build-your-own homemade sub sandwiches made with ham and swiss (served with kettle-cooked potato chips)

Last month, I decided to make my own sub sandwiches (or hoagies or heros, depending on what you like to call them), and they are definitely better than anything I could buy at a restaurant. So I’m saying goodbye to Jimmy John’s, and hello to making delicious sandwich combinations at home.

What’s the secret? It’s in great ingredients, a dash of dried oregano, and a drizzle of olive oil and red wine vinegar. And if you have a little extra time, homemade sub rolls put it over the top.

I use the same formula for each sandwich (inspired by this video), but the combinations are endless. I’ve shared some of our favorites below, including turkey bacon ranch, and an Italian grinder. We hope that you give one (or more) of our sandwich ideas a try! Because sometimes, you just want a good sandwich, and this is it.

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Tangy cabbage and broccoli coleslaw

Tangy cabbage and broccoli coleslaw
Tangy cabbage and broccoli coleslaw

This refreshing, vinegar-based coleslaw is my new favorite summer side dish. Michael found this recipe a couple months ago when we were looking for something to go with Jamaican jerk chicken. I made a couple small tweaks to the recipe, and we like it so much that I’ve made it at least once a week since.

I usually make this recipe with finely shredded cabbage (a mix of red and green cabbage looks nice), but it’s also delicious with a mix of cabbage and broccoli slaw, as long as you still use 6 cups total. Either way, you’ll want to refrigerate the slaw for at least one hour (or overnight) before serving. It’s delicious alongside any grilled meat or picnic meal. Enjoy!

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