Enchilada noodle casserole

Enchilada noodle casserole
Enchilada noodle casserole (served with iceberg lettuce salad)

This delicious casserole is the easy version of enchiladas — all the flavor with minimal work. Instead of making individual enchiladas, you simply pour the filling and sauce mixture over uncooked egg noodles and bake for 25 minutes. It’s that easy! Like most casseroles, this would be great to bring to a potluck.

I prefer to use medium Rotel and enchilada sauce, but you can use mild or hot instead to get the level of spiciness you prefer. You could also substitute diced rotisserie chicken for the ground turkey; either would be delicious. We hope you give this recipe a try!

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Chopped taco salad

Chopped taco salad
Chopped taco salad

I first made this taco salad for a potluck lunch at work last year — I wanted something that was easy to make and transport. But I liked it so much that it’s become a regular part of our dinner rotation. It’s easy to mix up a large bowlful (I serve the dressing on the side) and have several delicious meals. I vary the protein depending on what I have on hand — it’s also delicious with ground beef or leftover chicken.

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Ground turkey sriracha sliders

Sriracha sliders with rosemary sweet potato fries
Ground turkey sriracha sliders (served with sweet potato fries)

Since we’re watching the Vikings vs. Packers game this afternoon, I thought it would be appropriate to share our go-to football gameday dinner — ground turkey sriracha sliders with sweet potato fries.

These sliders were inspired by one of the new foods at this year’s Minnesota state fair. Although we didn’t try them at the fair, Michael enjoyed a version at work, and we decided they would be good enough to make our own.

I like to bake the sliders in the oven, which works great — they cook evenly, don’t dry out, and it would be easy to scale up for a crowd.  They’re great paired with sweet potato fries, which are one of our Trader Joe’s favorites.

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