Nye’s Polonaise Room — “Best bar in America”

Decor inside Nye's bar
Decor inside Nye’s bar

Nye’s Polonaise Room, located on Hennepin Avenue in “Nordeast” Minneapolis and voted best bar in America by Esquire magazine, is probably the most exciting and fun place Jane and I have been to in the Twin Cities thus far. Nye’s is not Polynesian, but rather Polonaise — the French word for Polish. Nye’s features authentic, imported Polish beer, great food, and fantastic live music from the “World’s Most Dangerous Polka Band.”

Before we knew all of this, we saw a Groupon for $50 to spend at Nye’s for $25, and read about some of the details and reviews about Nye’s. We got word of “live polka” and immediately decided to buy it. We were very excited about Nye’s and decided to make a date of it on the last night of our honeymoon. We made a reservation for 8:15 p.m., since we heard that polka starts around 8 or so on Fridays and Saturdays, and that Nye’s can be quite busy too.

World's Most Dangerous Polka Band
World’s Most Dangerous Polka Band

When we arrived, we noticed that there were two entrances, one for the restaurant and the other for the bar. We entered into the restaurant to be greeted by a waitress who asked us whether we’d like to sit in the restaurant or the bar. We told her we were here for dinner and polka, to which she responded “We have karaoke in the restaurant, and polka in the bar. We can seat you in the bar if you like.” Needless to say, we walked around the red velvet and leather 1950’s decor in the restaurant half and through an inner door to the bar to be immediately greeted by polka music played by the World’s Most Dangerous Polka Band. We were ecstatic. The music was great and the crowds even sang along with a few songs, including the famous Beer Barrel Polka.

While we were enjoying the polka, we sat down and ordered an imported Polish beer and the delicious Polonaise plate ($29) — a five pound monster consisting of Polish sausage, three pork ribs, a potato dumpling, a cabbage roll, three different types of pierogi, and the most delicious sauerkraut we’ve ever tasted. Nye’s Polonaise plate was amazing, and definitely worth ordering again.

Polonaise plate at Nye's
Polonaise plate at Nye’s

We also ordered the “chicken and wild mushroom kluski plate” ($18). This was a pasta dish made with fresh Polish egg noodles (kluski). The sauce was cream based, and the dish contained several types of wild mushrooms, including porcini, sautéed with garlic, asparagus, and chicken. This dish was definitely worth ordering again, just like the Polonaise plate.

Chicken and wild mushroom kluski plate
Chicken and wild mushroom kluski plate

Verdict: Overall, we’d rate Nye’s a solid 10 out of 10, and a sure 11 out of 10 with a Groupon in hand. We’ve “half-jokingly” suggested buying two Groupons for Nye’s and gifting two more to each other should the deal appear on the site again. We highly recommend Nye’s if you love great food, polka music, and a great time. Nye’s is one of the most awesome places in town, for sure! We can’t wait to go back!

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